Our Missionaries

We at Fuller Avenue Christian Reformed Church are committed to obeying God’s Command in Mark 16:15 to go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. The Global Outreach Committee is charged to guide our fellowship in its reaching out to persons in those parts of God’s creation which are geographically beyond the reach of our daily personal activities. We believe that the good news (Christ’s sacrifice for us) is both the way of salvation and testimony of God working in community to support and love his world and his creatures.

In addition to actively supporting our Denomination’s programs in preaching missions, and hunger and disaster relief, the Fuller congregation, through its Global Outreach Committee provides specific prayer and fellowship support as well as partial financial support to 11 missionary teams consisting of individuals, couples and families. Many of these people have family connections with our members which makes our commitment to “going into all the world” very personal. Some missionaries live and minister at sites within the United States while others live and work in other countries. Fuller Ave. Global Outreach also supports missionaries who live in the United States but work for organizations with international outreach.

In the United States:

  • 2 church planters in Washington State
  • A teacher in New Mexico
  • A person working in translations for countries in Africa
  • A couple which helps an organization reach many countries via broadcasts

Around the World: 

  • In Africa - a recruiter and trainer of christian school teachers, an AIDS educator and a hunger relief team
  • In Papua New Guinea - a trainer in church leadership 
  • In Sri Lanka - a church pastor