Our Mission

Our Mission: 

We exist to help people take their next step into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Stated Values: 

Here at Fuller we have discerned key values that when we aim at them we will best accomplish our mission.

Gather Values - What does it look like when we gather for worship?

  • Preaching strong Biblical messages with life application
  • Promoting high participation in the leadership of worship and the engagement of the congregation
  • Celebrating fresh and creative worship that is rooted in historic practice

Go Values - What does it look like as we live on mission?

  • Introducing children to the pathway of Christian faith
  • Building Gospel-driven relationships in our community and around the world
  • Reaching out to the people in our community with ministries that draw them toward Christ

Grow Values - What does it look like as we become more like Jesus?

  • Equipping people in their faith formation and leadership development
  • Assimilating new people into the life of the church
  • Fostering a culture of care and support for members and attenders